Sunday, November 6, 2016

Grateful November 4: Crafty Friends

I've mentioned my love of crafting before and I'm fortunate enough to have friends who don't love to craft, meaning I get to be creative while spending other people's money.  It's truly a win-win situation.

I'm grateful for my friend Mrs. S, a fellow crafter, who let me borrow her circular hole punches for my current project.  This not only saved me forty bucks, but also a trip to the craft store.  

Another work friend, Mrs. H, has started her own Lularoe store and was in need of decorations.  Nothing major, just some small personal touches for when they do their online videos and post pictures.  

Armed with a color scheme and flexible ideas, I headed to the craft store.

Here's what's made so far:

The welcome sign:

I bought the unfinished wood on clearance, cleaned it up, stained it, and added embellished paper flowers.

This will sit on a dark wood stand.

The H:

We were originally going to add pastel pink letters, but I kind of love it as is.  More importantly, so does Mrs. H!

The frames:

(Ignore the Halloween decor in the background.)

They'll display the names of the products and sizes inside of these frames.

The banner:

She wants all the smaller circles to be white, so I've got to fix one of them.  The banner will be 15 pendants long, each one slightly different.  They'll all have gray, green, pink, or wood looks to them.  Each piece is attached to heavy cardboard, so it's nice and sturdy.

I'm finalizing the banner later this week, but other than that, it's done!  

Instead of being reimbursed for the cost of the materials, we're swapping the craft goodies for a new shirt.

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