Saturday, November 5, 2016

Grateful November 5: Amazon

A few days into the Grateful November challenge and things are going well.

Today I'd like to express my appreciation to Amazon.

Yes, Amazon.

First, if you aren't using {}, change that immediately.  Amazon will give 0.5% of your spending to the charity of your choice.  You get the warm and fuzzies just for online shopping.  It's truly a win-win situation.

Second, I appreciate a good deal.  Now that I'm a home owner, I get the joy of doing things like buying my own air filters.  After having nose surgery to correct my sinuses, I'm more fully aware of how bothered I am by tiny dust particles crawling up my nose and wreaking havoc on my nasal passages.  This means that we religiously change our air filters every few months.  (I appreciate the pinterest hack of actually writing the date on the filter itself to eliminate the guess work.  We also timed the filters with the HOA payments to make our lives easier.)

These are our favorites:

But man oh man, are they expensive!  Target has them for around twenty five bucks each with Home Depot being slightly cheaper.

Enter Amazon, our digital knight in shining armor.

A six pack of these filters is {on Amazon} for just under sixty bucks.  They also qualify for free shipping, which is an additional bonus.  It's literally half the cost of nearby stores and I don't have to go to Home Depot.  Everybody wins!

What's your favorite Amazon deal?

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