Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Grateful November 7: Reliable Guest Teachers and Personal Days

Good Lord, Monday was a long day.

Thirteen hours of a long day.

But, I'm ready for my work break (to you know, get married).

We have off yesterday (Election Day) and Friday (Veteran's Day), so I took off today (Wednesday), Thursday, next Monday, and next Tuesday.

That meant four days of sub plans and copies to prep.

I'm  not that teacher that just tosses together review sheets and calls it a day. I'm fortunate enough to not know my sub for the four days, but that she's also been in my classroom multiple times this year and knows my expectations.  The kids love her, which is a huge added bonus.  She'll follow my lesson plans and I know my students will actually be learning, which is really what matters.

I also cleaned my desk, which is normally a mild state of chaos.  I thrive well in that creative environment (go right brain!), but know that it's not appropriate to subject guest teachers to that.

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