Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sneaking into September

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I blinked and it's September.

Not the beginning of September mind you, the middle.  With the school year starting late (August 29th), this time of year feels more frantic than normal.  Granted, wedding planning and adjusting to a new role at work doesn't help.
Reading... Teaching with Love and Logic by Fay and Funk.

I've read the parenting version because that's what our school counselor had on hand (it was a {summer read}).  This gem is frequently back ordered...and for good reason.  It's just a lot of practical, common sense advice for avoiding power struggles with students (a trap I fall into often).  I've had a few rough years and have to be reflective on that.  Perhaps part of my teaching style was a catalyst for their behaviors, so it's time to try something new.

This year I'm giving them more choices (but I'm okay with all the choices that are given), having less hall way conversations, and trying to ensure a more calm classroom environment.  It's going fairly well.

Playing... catch up on blogging!  There's lots to share in terms of wedding updates and the first two weeks of school.  My phone is currently uploading pictures to dropbox and I'm planning out posts.

Watching... Once Upon a Time because season 5 is now on Netflix!  Granted, this is how we watch Netflix... sometimes I have to watch episodes a few times to get the whole picture.  Crookshanks is laying on me while Waffles has claimed her portion of the bed. 

Trying... to be motivated to tidy the house or plan out meals for the week.  However, B's not home (he's off golfing), so I feel like I should relax too.

Cooking... not a whole lot these days. But that's nothing new.  We'll set up our meals when he's home and make decisions together.

Eating... well, trying to eat healthy.  The first two weeks of the school year are fueled by caffeine and chocolate out of sheer necessity (it's LONG hours), but now it's time to get back into a routine.  As a helpful tip to fellow teachers, always keep an extra frozen meal in the freezer or can of soup in your desk just in case.  One of my colleagues had a super hectic morning (she's got twin teenagers who just got their drivers licenses) and forgot her lunch.  I didn't want her to starve or worse, eat school lunch, so I was able to help her out.

Drinking... water, water, water. The more liquid I consume, the more sinus drainage I have.  Considering I'm still in recovery from my sinus surgery, this is a good

Calling... my momma but she's out living life (possibly at yoga).

Texting... friends. One had a super rough week, but we love her and sent her flowers to brighten her day:

Pinning... nothing? I haven't had a chance to do my nails in weeks, much less get on Pinterest.  If I'm feeling overwhelmed (as I am at the start of the school year), seeing pinterest perfect, color coded classrooms doesn't help!

Tweeting... again, nothing? I think I uploaded a picture to instagram a few days ago?

Going... to finalize our wedding flowers later today! Small baby steps in the right direction.

Loving... this school year. I have the most kids I've ever started with (thirty five, ya'll. Thirty freaking five) but honestly, 34 of them are stellar.  The one who is being difficult has been for years, but I've made positive parent contact and keep purposefully seeking out opportunities to praise the kiddo for on task and appropriate choices.  He's just a tad spoiled, doesn't seem to have expectations at home, and gets very angry with me when I ask him to do things in class (and not just draw).  We'll get there.  In the mean time, I've got thirty four other munchkins who are thrilled about fifth grade and having some great discussions so far!

Hating... how my nose still isn't better. I know surgery and healing is a process, but still. I'm on a decongestant to help with the drainage.

Discovering... that my sinuses and nose now work as they should! I did a nasal spray (as I do, multiple times a day) and it drained down my throat.  That has never happened before.  My nose plumbing is working correctly (even if it's still healing).  Hooray for science and medical advancements!

Thinking... about a bubble bath, a pedicure (at home of course, we're saving for a wedding), or a nap.  Or quite frankly, all of the above.

Feeling... like walking the pup, but it's simply too hot outside.

Hoping (for)... healing and peace.  A coworker had major surgery yesterday, a friend is dealing with medical issues, and others are fighting depression.  It's hard. I sometimes struggle to find the words to say, so I simply reaffirm that they're not alone and it's okay if they don't want to be social.  Depression is draining, healing is hard, and sometimes it's okay to not be okay.  I just hope they know I love them and am rooting for them.

Listening (to)... Crooksie trying to make her way into the pantry.  Our two cats are on a new diet and one is not enjoying it.  I found a hole in the food bag and realized that she'd snuck into the pantry and was supplementing her diet with extras.  No more of that!  So she's now giving quite the sassy attitude because the pantry is closed and that's where their food is kept.  The struggle is real.

Celebrating... the weekend!  Our wedding invites are mailed, our cake tasting is set up, we've received our first RSVP for the wedding, and there's lots of exciting things happening.  We're thrilled about our wedding, but also thrilled for the big events in our friends' lives.  This month brings a five year old's birthday party and another couple's baby shower.  Another friend is putting the finishing touches on her new (first) home and others are almost done unpacking from their move. 

Smelling... hahahaha nothing.  Thanks nose.

Thanking... the gals that came over last night for a make your own bath products party! (Bathologie, all natural and organic stuff!)

Considering... how to proceed with my nail situation.  Gel polish? Jamberry wraps?  Decisions decisions.

Starting... to plan a baby shower in my head... (not for me, no one jump to conclusions!)

Finishing... this blog post!

What are YOU up to currently?

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