Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Day in the Life Of...

Ten days in and I'm finally having a chance to catch my breath and join the {Blogtember} conversation.

If you're new here, hi and welcome!

I'm in the midst of the beginning of the year chaos that always happens when I have three dozen ten year olds in my cozy classroom.  (Okay, there's only thirty five, but close enough!)

I'm also in the middle of wedding planning, so my blog is a combination of education and life experiences.

Today's challenge is a simple one:

Saturday, Sept. 10: A day in your life! Take us through it 
with you by sharing a photo each hour of the day.
 Thank goodness it's a weekend because I need a break!  (The beginning of the year is rough y'all!)

8:18 am:

B's off golfing and the house is quiet.  I have the gentle hum of a fan next to me, the puppy snoozing on the floor, and our two cats are curled up on the bathroom floor, enjoying the sunlight.  

I got to sleep in this morning.  My alarm(s) go off starting around five during the week, so sleeping in until eight was a treat this morning.  I enjoyed the last of the blueberry mini muffins for breakfast and tried to enter grades, but the server is having difficulties.  Darn, I guess that work will have to wait until Monday!

The rest of the day consists of relaxing, most likely a nap, going to finalize wedding flowers with our florist, the grocery store, and a nice dinner date.  My brother and his lovely girlfriend got me a gift card for my birthday to the Cheesecake Factory, so hooray for date night!

Tomorrow we're doing our first painting class (a "design and wine" one with mimosas) where B and I are painting Harry Potter inspired wine glasses:

(At least that's the goal of what they'll look like!)

We're also taking a friend dinner tomorrow because she had major surgery yesterday and feeding herself and her kids should be the last of her concerns during recovery.  The meal train was organized by Sunshine committee at work (where I'm co-chair) and it's just another reason I love where I work.  We look out for one another and it's such a welcoming, caring, and loving environment.

Our weekend will end with me yelling loudly at the refs during Sunday night football when my Cardinals take on the Patriots.  I'm hoping for an injury-free game and a Cardinals win!

How are you spending your day/weekend?

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