Tuesday, June 25, 2013


While chronological order and sequence may seem like easy concepts for fifth graders, I assure you my latest sort is deceivingly simple!  Students will have to recreate Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by putting the 34 events into chronological order!  By analyzing the events and discussing which came first, they are secretly reviewing the importance of text structure and analyzing how events come together to make a story (RL 5.5).  Mwhahaha! I love when they secretly learn and don't even realize it!

The first sequence sort for Harry Potter can be downloaded here, for free.  That's right, for free :)  You are welcome.  If you like it, consider grabbing the second.

I'm hoping that you'll like the sort enough to download the rest of the series (once they're up later this week...okay, summer. Let's not get too crazy ambitious here!). Maybe you'll even tell all your friends about them...but that's only if you really like it.  I'm also hoping you'll leave feedback on how I can make these activities even better :)

My munchkins liked them and here's hoping yours will too!

Ms. Vice

PS: final teaching tip:
Print each book on a different color of paper and color-code the baggies.  It makes cleaning up less stressful :)

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