Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Classroom Cuteness

There are few things I like more than making my environments a happy, cozy place.  I love decorating for the seasons and putting pink or polka dotted things everywhere.  My classroom is no exception.  I figure if I'm going to spend a lot of time there, I might as well make it cute.

So first things first, a classroom sign

Using a craft board, wooden dicuts, chalk paint markers and glue, I created a happy welcome sign for my room.  (Then proceeded to make them for my team mates so we could have a cute hallway)  All the supplies are available at any craft store and they take about ten minutes each to make.  
I've used fake flowers, rhinestones, decorative masking tape and stickers (if you don't like your handwriting) to personalize them.  

Second, an adaptation of the daily five with Harry Potter themed cafe signs, which were another exciting TpT freebie!

I have the higher readers for small groups, so we focus on accuracy, vocabulary acquisition, fluency and comprehension.  I was beyond giddy when I stumbled upon these zebra print signs, which mesh well with my zebra and pink reading strategies board.

Here is our reading corner:

To further encourage reading, I found these cute motivational signs that I put on books.  

Here they are pictured on our science FOSS Landforms books underneath my smartboard.  Something fun and whimsical to add a little joy to our day.

Here is one of our quick and easy centers:

Students add a post it with what their favorite character in their novel would say at that exact moment :)

To track their progress in writing, they use star magnets on our "star writers" board

While I am in no way super organized, here's a snapshot of my classroom.  If possible, everything is pink or polka dotted :)

I'm excited to set up my classroom again in a few months :)

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