Thursday, July 6, 2017

The novel is done, now what?

As I {shared} last week, I had a time crunch to finish The Dark Prophecy by well, yesterday.

I met my goal, but barely.  I walked into open library with sixteen pages left.  Luckily my former student was understanding.  He turned on all the computers for me so I could finish the book in peace.

Now that the novel is read, the rest of my work begins.  

When I read these novels, I pick out important tier 2 and 3 vocabulary words for each chapter.  I pick out comprehension questions and jot down suggested answers, relying on textual support.  I look for opportunities to highlight figurative language, author's word choice, and making inferences.  I think what homework questions I'd want my students to answer and jot down what type of answers I'd want from my students.

My next steps are to take the 64 pages of hand written notes and turn it into a word document. I estimate it will be around 50 typed pages when I'm done.

After the novel is done, I'll make the chronological order sort and a student question guide (worksheet format with a few comprehension questions for each chapter).  I'll post all of these products separately on my {store}, as well as bundle them together.  My goal for finishing all of this is next Friday.

Good thing I'm powered by caffeine and Netflix marathons (for background noise of course!).

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