Friday, July 28, 2017

Wreath #3

It appears to be the summer of wreath making and that's totally fine by me!

My brother and his lovely girlfriend moved to a new apartment this week.  It's much closer to her work and I'm super excited to get to see it in a few days (when it's not just boxes piled everywhere).

As a gift, I wanted to make them a new wreath for their front door.  The idea was strongly suggested by L and my brother went along with it.  Keeping their decorating styles in mind, I knew I wanted it similar to the one I made Mrs. K:

I asked L what she liked about Mrs. K's wreath.  Initially she said she "loved everything" because that's just her warm and bubbly personality.  With some prying, she said the K wouldn't work for them (because they aren't married), she didn't love the sea stars and would like shells instead, and the net wasn't going to do much for her but loved the over-all beachy vibe.

The net was a complete pain to use, so I'm more than thrilled I got to avoid it the second time around.  Since all three of my hot glue guns are still missing (and I refuse to buy a fourth), I borrowed a glue gun from Mrs. K and once again visited Joann's.

(With Hobby Lobby's recent {smuggling scandal} and the 10% back Ibotta rebates through the end of the year on top of my teacher discount, Joann's is my go to store for crafting.  No, I don't get any sort of endorsement deal from them, although that would be quite nice.)

I went in knowing I needed another grapeline wreath and to visit the 70% off summer clearance aisle.  I knew I wanted to do a wreath with blues and yellow tones.  I was a tad intimidated by my options:

I then discovered instead of netting, I could use rope for a similar nautical effect.  I also found a bag of shells with some brightly colored options, so those came home with me as well.

Knowing her love of octopi, I found a small one to incorporate into the design.

After letting the hot glue gun warm up, I wrapped the rope around the wreath.  Next, I attached the wooden sign with twine and rope.  I then laid out the seashells and glued each one directly to the base of the wreath, getting my fingers several times in the process.

Only one of our three pets came to help and she was quite interested in the rope.  Luckily she has the attention span of a small child, so she quickly moved on to something more interesting.

I'm hoping she likes the final result:

I will have to wait a few days to see how it looks on their front door.

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