Sunday, July 30, 2017

After all this time?

20 years.

That's how long I've loved the boy who lived.  

This wasn't just a book series.  

This wasn't just eight movies.

This was my childhood.

I have first editions of all the books.  I begged to go to midnight releases to get my hands on new books, then ignore the rest of the world for the weekend.  I would re-read the books each summer in anticipation for the new releases. I saw movies on opening day, in costume.  I own more than one Ravenclaw sweater.  A gallery wrapped portrait of the Maurader's Map hangs in our den and the Hogwarts crest is proudly displayed on the couch pillows.  Those three stars in the always image above? They are also tattooed on my wrist.  Part of our honeymoon was spent at Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida (pictures to come!).  The love is there and it's not fading any time soon.
This book series turned me from a reluctant and apathetic reader into who I am today.  But my story is not unique; hundreds of thousands of fans feel the same.  For that, I am forever grateful.  

So let's all raise our wands to Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

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