Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Another day, another wreath

I often choose to procrastinate work or chores with a craft project.  It's not really something I'm ashamed of, but rather accept that when I'm feeling creative, it's best to just run with it.

Last month, I crafted this beauty for my momma:

(Read more about the creation of my mom's {wreath} and {being creative})

My awesome friend Erin was in need of a new door wreath, so I decided she was going to be the victim of my next craft idea.

I once again visited Joann's for supplies.  I snagged a grapevine wreath, a K (for their last name), sea stars, and sea netting.

Her one request for the wreath was a {Hidden Mickey}, which I incorporated into the K.

I painted the K blue, but it was too harsh for the rustic sea look I was going for.  Luckily, a coat of white paint, then wiped off did the trick to done down the blue.

I used a Q tip to paint on a Mickey, but then one of my furry helpers decided to aggressively smell the paint and smeared it.  (She's fine, she just made a mess.)

So I wiped off the Mickey, hoping to try again, but was left with the mouse outline:

It reminded me of the smudged Simba outline from The Lion King, so it all works out:

Here's the final product:

I spent a good hour fighting with the netting, but the third time is the charm.  As a side note, wrapping it doesn't work.  I wove in the sea stars with twine, but used extra netting to secure the sign.  

The entire project took about three hours, but I was also watching Ink Master, so I wasn't entirely focused the whole time.  The pup tried to eat glue, I got paint on the counter, one of the cats sniffed paint and made a mess, plus I couldn't find all of the necessary materials so there were some definite hiccups.  

Fortunately, I like the final product.  Erin and her hubby love it.

Look how great it is on their front door:

Up next? My brother and his lady are moving to a new apartment and I think they need a wreath too...

(They do.  She told me. My brother has no say in the matter.)

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