Monday, November 10, 2014

Things I've Found

As I wrote about earlier, it's a long weekend for us due to Veteran's Day.  While I'm freezing because it's 70 degrees inside our home, apparently others are having a snow day. (Looking at you Mrs. A in Wisconsin!).  

I decided to tackle cleaning out our guest bedroom because it's been a box fort for a few months now.  When I switched classrooms, I went from nine bookcases down to it's been an adjustment.  I also am not doing small groups based on novels this year, but instead pulling based on skills, standards, and Reading Rangers levels.  I feel I get to conference with each child more, but I miss having lengthy discussions about novels.  I'm sure there is a way to balance both, I'm just not there yet.

As a result in these changes, I have a lot of teaching supplies still at my house.  I'm shifting through the boxes, deciding what goes to my classroom, what gets donated, and what is just plain outdated.  

Here's what I've found:

1. Binders full of paper copies of novel guides I created but were erased from my hard drive.  Hallelujah!  Many of them have already been recreated and improved for TpT, but there are a good several dozen that have yet to be updated.  I know what I'll be doing over the next few months!  My goal is to have 200 TpT products by my 2 year anniversary (July).  I'm at 158, so I think that's definitely doable!

2. My good wall stapler.

Yes, I've been missing this for months.  I came pretty close to becoming this:

I bought a second online but it just wasn't the same.  While I love office supplies in general, this is one of my favorites.  The wrist strap means I don't have to constantly bend down because I've dropped it.  The stapler molds to my hand and the staples can't fall out.  I'm a little too excited to be reunited with my good stapler.

3. Green staples.  Why do I own these?  Perhaps I can do something Christmas themed with them.

4. Expo markers.  Dozens of them.  Along with binder clips, pencils, glue sticks, post-its, and student scissors.  I may not need to buy office supplies for a long time (hallelujah).

5. Old Presidential Time lines.  When I say old, I mean they don't include Obama.  Or Clinton. Or Bush.  So...those have to go. 

On the bright side, I'm a few hours away from having a spotless guest bedroom!

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