Saturday, November 15, 2014


The thankfulness continues.

I'm thankful I found this cute banner on Amazon:

I am itching to put up my Christmas & winter decor...but it's November. I will not give in to commercialization pressures and go overboard.  One holiday at a time people!  Let's just enjoy one day (and holiday) at a time!

I'm thankful for Chinese take out & Netflix.  That's how we spent our Friday night. I think we started a movie...there's a very good possibility B finished it.  I however, did not make it very far into our movie date:


I'm thankful for B's support of my career.  Most of the time, he's my laminating guru!  

I'm thankful I have until Tuesday to get my grading done because progress reports go out.  I am NOT thankful in any way for our awful new gradebook. It's amazing for high school and middle school teachers, but beyond impractical for elementary school.

I'm thankful for humorous blog posts that highlight teaching, my new find being this one.  It is 1000 % true!

I'm thankful that my class will be ready to publish their next essays this week, leaving me the opportunity to do this fun writing activity:

We'll be typing up these papers, so I'm thankful we have a lab to use.  

I'm also thankful most of my weekend chores are done by 9 am on a Saturday! I have a few groceries to go buy before having gals over later and grading to do tomorrow during football, but my lesson plans are done and our house is spotless!  Hooray for productivity :)

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