Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankfulness Continued

I'm thankful for my collegiate education. I'm thankful for the scholarships I earned that made six years of college possible (and already paid off).   I'm thankful I was able to balance academics with fun because life shouldn't be all work.

I'm thankful for the four years I spent at Arizona State, which allowed me to cultivate such an intense dislike for the University of Arizona, in Tuscon.  Perhaps I'm just still sad we lost the duel in the desert today and the territorial cup will go down to Tuscon.

I'm thankful my family is easily accessible by car.  I could have flown (I think it's an hour flight) but I have some stuff to bring back, so driving was easier.  I'm thankful my car has *amazing* gas mileage and that it's a fairly easy drive.  

I'm thankful I have such a solid relationship with B that we could spend a few days apart without issues.  He really likes his mom's cooking and I really like Black Friday shopping with my mom, so we did Thanksgiving separate this year.  No biggie!

I'm thankful I was able to find some good deals for gifts for others...but didn't have to deal with the crazy lines.  I refused to go out on Thanksgiving and do not want this "gray Thursday" thing to become a trend.  We slept in and ventured out around 9 am.  Most of the things we wanted were still there, but I got a good night's sleep.  Win win!

I'm thankful I'm mostly prepared for Monday, so I can relax Sunday night.  By relax, I mean decorate our tree and get out all my holiday things, making a huge mess in the process!  

I'm thankful I got a few days to escape responsibilities and just be a couch potato with family.

What are you thankful for?

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