Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oh geez

End of year chaos seems particularly intense this year.

It doesn't help that I'm moving out of my classroom and to another school, thus requiring a more in-depth cleaning.  I'm also moving from my apartment into my first home, so my life is filled with a plethora of boxes.

In the next month, there's a mere twenty one days of school with students.  In that time, we've got:

-the Nevada Writing Proficiency
-Discovery Education testing
-another reading test
-2 field trips
-career week
-guest speakers on staying tobacco-free
-assessment day
-KIC (kids inquiry conference)
-school carnival

I've also got 3 days of sub plans to make, a room to clean, and report card comments.  Yikes! I don't think there's a normal day on my calendar until June 5th.  

Keep calm and make it til June!

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