Friday, May 2, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week (wahoo!).  I love seeing cute ideas like these online:

But am realistic enough to know that I will probably not be receiving cute things like I decided to make them for my grade level instead!  We aren't feeling very respected or valued by a majority of our students and their families at the moment, so I might as well seize the opportunity to let my work wives know I love them and appreciate their daily efforts.

I will be missing our free teacher luncheon due to a previously scheduled vacation.  My best friend is getting her PhD and there's no way I'd miss the opportunity to celebrate her 9 years of hard work.  I do get to take advantage of a free mini-facial at work and am contemplating if I'm brave enough for this:

Fifteen minutes in line? Worth it.  If the line wraps around outside the building? Definitely not.

I do believe in acknowledging the hard, often unnoticed work of fellow educators.  I know that classroom didn't arrange itself over night.  I know those papers didn't grade themselves and those small groups didn't shuffle themselves to best meet the needs of students based on data by accident.  So thank you, fellow educators, for consistently going above and beyond to provide your munchkins with an excellent education.

To thank you, I'm hosting an appreciation sale:

Visit my store for 20% off May 6th and 7th!

Happy teacher appreciation week!

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