Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Guide

Rick Riordan is my new favorite author.  I just finished reading The Son of Neptune and absolutely loved this book.  Rick Riordan's writing is drenched with sassy commentary from the characters and provokes many literal laughing out loud moments.

My boyfriend made the mistake of asking what the book was about...he got a fifteen minute synopsis of the Rick Riordan universe instead of a brief retelling.  Sorry babe...but don't ask about a book if you don't want a long explanation!

My teacher guide is available here and corresponding centers will be up soon!

Lucky for me, there are sequels:

Even luckier?  They were buy one, get one free at our Scholastic book fair this week!

Even though summer break is days away, I will still be reading books and prepping materials for my students next year.  I love that I get time to read :)

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