Sunday, March 6, 2016

Springing Forward to Spring Break!

Ten days.

I have ten teaching days until spring break.  The weekend in between these last two weeks is booked with a wedding, Waffles turning one, dinner with friends, and the escape room.

If we're getting technical, I have nine and one half because field day is the Friday afternoon before spring break.  That morning I'll set aside for retesting, math games, computer practice, free writing, and independent truly, there's only nine days. 

In that nine days, in addition to teaching, I'll conquer:

-5th grade panoramic pictures (on St. Patrick's day, so there will be lots of green)

-2 different certification meetings (as of right now)

-staff meeting, committee meeting, grade level meetings, reading planning meeting

-a counseling lesson

-hosting a professional development on Discovery Education

-finishing this graduate school class

-SBAC practice testing

-progress reports (maybe?)

Oh vey.

So  when bracing myself for all of this, I think I'll spring ahead to the joys (and goals) of spring break:

1) A mini road trip to Arizona to watch one of my oldest friends get married.  Waffles will go with us, the cats will enjoy some quiet time, I'll see my best friend, and get to have family time.  Win win.

2) Bridal appointments.  I'm meeting with the potential florist, the photographer, and the photo booth company.  Hopefully I'll get to go with our officiant as she picks her dress.  Maybe wedding shoes will be found as well (wishful thinking).  I have a clear picture in my if these shoes could appear, that'd be great.

3) Doctor's appointment...but I'll treat myself to lunch afterwards!  The doctor is close to Home Goods, a mega Target, and Panera, so this will work out perfectly.

4) I'll finish Binny for Short, which is a YA novel I'm reading for Battle of the Books.  I'll make the teachers guide and matching chronological order sort, then toss it up on TpT to share.  It's been a few months since I've posted any new products (sorry guys!).

5) Supervise the instillation of the water softener (maybe?)  We are waiting to hear back on scheduling an inspection to determine which water softener we should get and hopefully this can be installed when I already have the day off of work.

6) Catching up on craft projects.  Instead of scrapbooking, I've been doing smash books for our relationship.  They're less structured and faster.  I've made a list of pictures to order, but then want to spend a few hours in my creative bubble.

7) Spend time with my future MIL.  She's caught the creative decorating bug (YAY!) and wants help shopping and redoing her living room.  This I can be on board with! I'll be introducing her to the joys of Etsy.

8) Relax.  I'll be doing my fair share of napping and Netflix watching.

But first, I must savor one day at a time.  The rest of today will be spent finishing homework, making a grocery list, cleaning, errands, and laundry.  These activities are necessary but don't fuel my soul, so I'll also be doing some coloring and give myself a pedicure.  Because you know, balance.



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