Monday, March 21, 2016

All's Quiet on the Blogging Front

March has been a rough month.

It started with {Reading Week}, which was hectic to say the least.  {Everything else} seemed to pile on and I even survived the {meetings}.  We're in the middle of a March Madness reading challenge with the other schools in our performance zone.  Fifth grade has been dominating the competition and advances to the final round after spring break.  To be fair, all the other grades in our school advanced to the final 3 as well...but I know I legitimately taught all other subjects as well.  I know others would skip math or writing to just give extra reading time.  I'm not okay with that, but it's maybe because we're taking our standardized tests soon.

Speaking of those, it's online this year. I'm not ready for the hours of roaming and watching them click buttons. I'm not ready for all the computer issues that will occur. I'm not ready to watch my students struggle with navigating the online tools, despite several practice rounds.

I'm really not ready for the intense pep rally that will occur the Friday after spring break.  There are matching shirts and a skit that needs to be prepared...all while you know, teaching.

We've also spent a great deal of time watching the {bald eagle cameras} from Washington DC.  Our school's mascot is an eagle, so that's how I justified the live streaming. Both baby eagles have hatched. My students got to see both parent eagles feeding the babies (and sharing a romantic meal of half of a fish carcass).  

Student behaviors continue to be a challenge.  Another theft happened in the classroom and it breaks my heart that I can't trust my students.  I put so much into my classroom (mentally, emotionally, and financially) that when this happens, it's heartbreaking.  I'm disappointed and let down by my students.  This happens far too often.
I'm on round two of antibiotics because I cannot seem to kick this sinus infection.  I'm spending the first part of spring break laying on the couch, hating nature.

What free time I do have, when I'm not resting, is being spent on wedding crafts and reading.  Perhaps some blogging will happen as well...

Sorry dear readers that all has been quiet on the blogging front. I'll try to catch up!

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