Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Marching Onward

(Apparently I was so overwhelmed I skipped the February edition of these posts.  Sorry February. Onward!)

Reading... Binny for Short. It's another YA book for Battle of the Books and the last one I'm trying to complete. 

I'm also in the middle of another graduate class (I have three that will be done by May), so when I'm not reading essays, this is occupying my time:

I like the authors, so that's helpful.  As an added bonus, I think the information will be useful and the course is all online.
Playing... a game with the online appointment maker.  We switched over our insurance and so far, I'm not impressed.  

Also playing the countdown game while I watch spring break quickly approach.  Hallelujah.

Also playing when will my tax refund arrive? We decided to be grown ups and buy a water softener.   

Watching... well, rewatching Once Upon A Time reruns on Netflix.

Trying... to be positive.  This continues to be a struggle at the present time.

Being a grown up really stinks sometimes.

Cooking... nothing.  I had a really late day (again) and we had left overs.  Thursday will be a dump meal in the crockpot.

Eating... nothing. I'm hungry, but I'm trying to avoid eating.

Drinking..water.  Lots and lots of water.

Calling... no one. I just tried the doctor and it's not their regular business hours.

Texting...no one.  My phone is charging.  I need a new one, but one of my students made some really poor choices this week and stole other students' phones (yes, plural) and a school iPad.  Quite frankly, I'm scared to get a new phone while the student is in my room.

Pinning... wedding ideas.  Specifically table decor and flowers....that's up next on my to do list.

Going... ignore grading for the night. Today was hard enough.

Loving...Etsy.  I've found some way cute wedding purchases there!

Hating... the uncertainty game.  Will my masters +32 be honored with a pay raise? Will the classes be released so I can take the last one at UNLV by May? Will I have to jump through hoops? Will I have to appeal the process? Will I have to join the union to have a better chance at it being approved? Is that even legal? 

(This is what I hated in January. There's still no answer.  I joined the union, I'm enrolled in three classes, and they've received my appeal.  That's all.)

Discovering... fifth grade may not be the grade for me.  That's rough to process, but there's a new crisis each day and it's getting hard to handle. 

Thinking... about bed.  At 7:30.  Today was a beast and I came home to this (chair leg):

Not a happy puppy mom.

Feeling... like I can never catch up. 

Hoping (for)...an easy rest of the week.

Listening (to)...B play video games.

Celebrating... progress.  Not success, just progress in the general onward direction.

Smelling... nothing. Thank you allergies.

Thanking... B for being wonderful.

Considering... trying to find a job that lets me craft things, read books, plan weddings, and drink mimosas while wearing pajamas and/or yoga pants.  Where is that job?

Starting... to realize that I can't trust everyone I work with and that's a hard truth to swallow.

Finishing... the powerpoint on Texas, which is the LAST of the fifty states.  I'm really glad to be almost done with that massive undertaking!

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