Saturday, October 11, 2014


Even though October snuck up on me, I'm excited for the plethora of pumpkins in my life.

I don't like carving pumpkins. I don't really like pumpkin flavored or scented things.  However, I think they're cute and have ceramic ones in my house.

I checked with my students and they all celebrate Halloween, so I put up this banner in my classroom:

My students also requested a fall scent for our classroom diffuser, so I bought an apple cinnamon one.  For me, it's worth $5 to make them happy and have them feel like it's their classroom too.

At my new school, we do a pumpkin decorating contest.  As a class, we will vote on a book character to paint on our pumpkin.  I posed the question to my students on weebly (our class blog) and of the 30 responses, 28 of them are for Percy Jackson.  Well I guess we don't have much of a say!

One student wants to also add a trident (Poseidon), skull (Hades), and lightning bolt (Zeus).  I'm letting them take the reins and while we may not win, I will be proud that my students completely designed and painted the Percy Pumpkin!

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