Saturday, October 4, 2014


I struggle at times with finding balance between my personal life and my professional life.  Sometimes I put more emphasis on the teacher part of me and neglect the rest of my life.  Making sure I strike that balance is becoming increasingly important and I am proud of myself for prioritizing me this year.

I get to work early.  I like the quiet time before most teachers are there.  I like having that time to collaborate with other early risers and not have to fight for the copy machine.  I like to have my day fully prepared before any morning meetings start.

That being said, I am trying to leave shortly after the kids do each day.  We dismiss around 3:30, so I aim to leave by 4.  That thirty minutes gives me enough time to save my documents, shut down my technology, tidy the room, and make sure the parking lot is clear before I start my ten minute drive home.  Some days I'm there longer, but most of the time I get home before 4:30 and that's a wonderful feeling.

I've recently fallen in love with Jamberry nail wraps and am excited to be an independent consultant during my free time.  I like that there is NO drying time and that these last through my real life.  Over fourteen days of teaching, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and actual real life activities, these wraps stayed firmly adhered to my finger nails. 

 I've gotten compliments on them from teachers and parents alike.  I keep my nails short so I think it's completely professional to have fun colors and prints (like this cheetah one!).  It provides me an opportunity to bond with my students (the ten year old girls notice my nails and want to talk about them).  

I've also started using DoTerra oils as a natural way to ease my aches and pains.  I love the calming effect of lavender scent before bedtime.  I'm trying to make healthier choices, so I am flavoring my water with drops of wild orange (instead of reaching for soda). 

I'm also taking time for friends and family.  Whether it's hour long phone calls with my mom or texting my Florida pals, I'm trying to put more time into those lasting relationships.  We are having gorgeous weather, so I sat on my patio with tea and talked to my mom for a while this morning.  Then I did some yoga and snuggled with my kitties.

I feel more balanced. I feel happier.  I am proud of myself for prioritizing my personal life as well as my professional life.

And as for my relationship with B?  He had a rough day at work, so I made him cookies. I coincidentally timed it perfectly because as he walked in, I was taking them out of the over.  Score for girl friend points!  We are seeing his parents later today, have a date night planned, and are meeting up with friends tomorrow to watch football.  Our teams are playing one another, so the losing team does dishes for the next few days!

I like that I'm happier after my change.  I like that my new grade level (and whole school really) is incredibly kind and supportive.  They recognize that teachers are first and foremost people with lives outside of our school.  That's important to me.  I need that balance and at my new school, balance is encouraged.

What have you done for you lately?

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