Sunday, October 12, 2014


I'm loving the fact that my new school is open dress because I get to see their cute personalities reflected in their cheetah print leggings and sport shirts.

While they can't wear them inside, there's also been a surplus of hats.  Now some of my boys are rocking football ones (naturally) and then we get to tease one another about football teams and scores.  One of my students wore a 49ers one after they'd lost to the Cardinals (my team), so naturally I asked him if he loved the game as much as I did.

I like that my classroom is such a positive place where we can  joke about things and feel comfortable with one another.

Recently, two of my boys have shown up in coordinating Batman hats.

Now, to say I love Batman would be an understatement.  I have a Batman class sign and hundreds of comics at my house.  So the fact that my students noticed and then made the effort to wear the hats so I'd notice is simply adorable.

I'm also being gifted quite frequently by my students.  I've received a half dozen bracelets, drawings, and flowers (picked from someone's yard).

It's nice to be at a school where I am appreciated. It's nice to be surrounded by happy students.

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