Friday, August 11, 2017


Wednesday marked the official back to school date for CCSD.

It was a rough start:

My key got stuck in the door and no amount of pulling, twisting, or turning could set me free.  I texted the custodian. I called the office. I put out a help on Facebook. I texted my admin.  20 minutes later, I got in.  I gave up and walked all the way around the building, checking several other doors in the process.  Nothing says welcome to work like not being able to get inside.

However, I shook it off.  It's going to be a good year.

I'm excited for third grade.  I'm excited for a mounted projector, twenty five kids (not forty), new curriculum, a new grade level team, and kiddos that (ideally) still love their teacher.

Almost everyone I talk to is positive about this school year and I hope it stays that way.

I've got a lot on my plate and want this to be a good school year.  I don't have time for the grumpy comments from negative people.

For me, last year was a wonderful end to my fifth grade streak.  I had three dozen amazing kids and super supportive families.  They made a lot of growth and really blossomed into young men and women.  I am proud of them, I will miss them, and I really tried to keep my mouth shut about how much I adored them because the rest of my grade level had really, really rough years.  

However, some of that frustration from last year's kids trickles into this year.  I get it and I've been guilty of it too. However, we've all got to channel our inner T Swift and just

I'm working on my first week lesson plans and already heard grumblings about things kids couldn't do.  We haven't met them yet.  How do we know they can't do something if we don't give them the chance to try? How can we scaffold our instruction (or directions) to give them the opportunity to be successful?

In my mind, this is me shunning the negativity:

However, I'm at work and need to use my adult coping strategies.  So instead, I find my inner Leslie Knope and know that a teacher's attitude makes all the difference.

Let's have a great year everyone!

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