Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Conference Time

In a little less than 48 hours, I'll be off to my first conference of the year.  I've had the opportunity to attend several summer teacher conferences, but this weekend will be my first during the school year.

I'll be heading to Anaheim, California, with my principal and three fellow teachers for the ASCD Empower 17 Teaching Conference.

We'll be in workshops for the better part of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Luckily I have a pretty awesome sub for Monday, so I'm not worried about my students.  She's the PE teacher often, has subbed my class before, is liked by my students, and most importantly, doesn't put up with their shenanigans (which have been escalating at an alarming rate).

My work wife is picking me up on Friday morning and my husband is taking me (and a co-worker) to the airport so we can catch our 6 pm Friday evening flight.  He had the option to attend (he'd have to pay his own airfare), but chose to stay home with the pets.  Plus our school's first soccer game is this Saturday at four and since he's assistant coach, it's kind of important that he's there.

We'll be back from the conference at some point on Monday (I'm not 100% sure when) and then it's back to work on Tuesday.  

Next week we're also taking our first round of SBAC testing (standardized testing), so there will be a lot of walking on Thursday and Friday. I'd better make sure my Fitbit is ready!

I'm excited for my first real conference (during the school year) as a teacher (it only took eight years).  I know not to have more than one drink at dinner with my principal and have some comfy flats for the day. I'll make sure to look professional and take lots of notes.  Luckily one of my close work friends is also going and has similar interests, so we'll attend some of the sessions together.  I've downloaded the conference app, have a reminder set on my phone to check into my flight, and have at least a mental idea about sub plans for Monday.  I've started packing (basically all Lularoe Carlys, no shame) and have to stop off at the store tomorrow for a few small items. 

(Okay, I have to get snacks and a magazine.  These are crucial items!)

Will I be seeing any fellow DEN members there?

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