Thursday, March 2, 2017


I am writing this a few days before it will be published.  It's been rattling around in my brain for a while but out of respect for my grade level, I will share with them before I share publicly.

I am not teaching fifth grade next year.  

After eight years, I am making a professional change.  I will be moving down to third grade.

I am fortunate to have a great relationship with the rest of my fifth grade team, so this is not the reason for my move.  Due to budget cuts, we are losing a fifth grade position.  Fifth grade classes will be staffed at forty students at the beginning of next year.  Yes, forty students to start with.  The thirty seven I have right now is difficult enough.  

Furthermore, I sold my prep for next year to assist with the Read by 3 Grant.  For those not in Nevada, Read by 3 (RB3) is a grant designed to have students reading by the end of third grade (with retention starting in 2019).  I worked on the grant this year by mentoring new teachers and providing professional development at a site level.  I will be continuing this next year, but actually teaching in one of the grades that is impacted by this grant.

I enjoy fifth grade, but eight years is a long time.  I'm getting a little bored with the curriculum, even though I try new things each year.  I'm excited to have a slightly smaller class size. I'm excited to work with younger kids.

Even more exciting?  My work wife, Mrs. H, is making the move with me.  We will both be transitioning out of fifth and into third grade.  I'll be doing more observations of third grade teachers over the course of the school year.  We'll spend some time over the summer getting ready for a new set of standards.

What does this mean for me professionally?  I will still be in upper elementary.  I will still be in a testing grade.  I will still be at my school and co-chair of Sunshine Committee. I hope it doesn't alter the friendships I've made at work.  I am aware that I will have to move out of my classroom and into a smaller room.  I love my tables (instead of desks), so I'm hoping these can move with me.

I've already started going through materials.  I won't be getting rid of my fifth grade materials (because I don't know what the future holds), but will be adjusting my library to better meet the needs of third grade readers.  (A {donorschoose} project is coming, not to worry!) 

I will still be continuing this blog. I will still have my {TpT store}, except I will be branching out to provide third grade resources as well.  I will still read all of Rick Riordan's books as they are released and create the accompanying guides because I enjoy them (I guess my humor level is on par with a sarcastic middle schooler's).

 I'm excited for this change.  I'm ready for a new challenge.
In the mean time, if anyone has any book suggestions that third graders are super into, please let me know!

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