Saturday, January 7, 2017


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It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to resign from Jamberry. This post is difficult and has been coming for quite some time.
This last year has been very difficult with the additional responsibilities of coaching, mentoring, and teaching. (Oh, and getting married, that was a tad time consuming.) I'm having difficulty balancing all of my responsibilities and need to learn to say no to things. Unfortunately, this is one of the extra tasks that I am unable to devote enough time to in order to be successful. Jamberry used to be something I loved and with the added pressures at work, it slowly became something that gave me anxiety and guilt over time (and the time I wasn't giving to my side business). I never wanted to be a pushy direct sales person and I felt I was becoming that with Jamberry, so I backed off. However, I never truly restarted my business and began feeling anxious and nervous about parties and postings, which caused many nights of restless sleep and spurred an unhealthy cycle of self-doubt. I felt jealous of others instead of supportive and that's not the type of person I want to be. So, unfortunately, I have to walk away for my own well being. I need to work on saying no.

I want to thank all of you that have supported this goal for the past few years. This has nothing to do with the product (I still love my jams and my at home gel system!) but rather my need for balance in my life. I need to prioritize and allocate time for "me" to practice self care. I often take on too many tasks and it's time for me to (painfully) admit that I can't do everything.
I will be having a "de-stash" sale soon, so if you'd like to be invited to that private event, please let me know. It will be in the coming weeks and then this page will be shut down.
In the mean time, I invite you to join Erin's Jamberry Group (Jam With DsnyErin). She's about a mile from me (Vegas folks!) and an amazing Jamberry consultant!

Thank you again for your support on this journey.

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