Sunday, January 1, 2017

17 in '17

We're about half way through with day 1 of 2017 and it's going fairly well.  B enjoyed some Xbox time while I curled up with a book.  Naps and walking the pup also occurred!

Correction, we enjoyed a book because I can't do anything alone and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As I look at my calendar for 2017, I'm optimistic for the year ahead.

1) I'm looking forward to B graduating college.  For the past four years, he's been working (more than) full time, playing softball, and in school full time with the University of Phoenix.  He's got a few classes left and is enjoying what he's studying, which is setting him up for a future career that he loves.

2) I'm looking forward to friends' weddings.  We have one in April, one in May, two in September, and one in October.  (That we know of...)

3) I'm looking forward to our friends having babies.  One is due in January, one in February, two in April, one in May, and one in July...again, that we know of!

4) I'm looking forward to our honeymoon.  It's occurring over the summer and on an island.  We're still working on the details.

5) Finishing our bedroom.  We purchased a bedroom set on Black Friday and the final piece was just delivered to the store.  We'll be making a quick road trip to Arizona later this month to pick up the last dresser.  We'll also be purchasing a new mattress in February (when they're on sale for President's Day) and building our new bed.  It's a little tough for two adults and three pets to share a queen sized bed and the mattress is literally falling apart.  

Here's a preview of our new furniture:

(We purchased from {American Furniture Warehouse} and have been pleased with their products.  We now have a bed, 2 night stands, 3 dressers, a media stand, a recliner, a table, and eight chairs. #adulting!)

6)  I'm looking forward to making our financial goals.  My car will be paid off this month (years ahead of the loan). Our security door will be paid off in six months (so no interest!) and we're working side jobs to reduce our debt (the wedding was expensive).  We've got a plan and are on our way to meeting our goals.

7) Working on my resolutions.  I'm excited for the books ahead!

8) I'm excited to plan events.  I'm working on a baby shower for early March and bridal events over the summer.  B will be graduating (and then getting an epic party) and his aunt & uncle are celebrating their 40th anniversary.  His second cousin is turning 18.  His cousin is getting married in May.  There's a lot of exciting events to help organize.

9) Traveling to new places.  My bestie is teaching at UNC and I want to see her new home in Charlotte.  We're also looking forward to taking our first Disneyland trip as a couple this year.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (CA) is also on the agenda for this year.

10) I'm looking forward to pursuing passions.  I'm currently working on a scrapbook for a friend.  B is building a 3D pirate ship.  It's nice to be crafty separately, but still together.

11) I'm looking forward to finally finishing the Gilmore Girls revival! Over Thanksgiving break, I prioritized grading and family time.  I am dreading the end (although it's already been spoiled) because I waited so long for this revival!

12) I'm really, really excited to get our wedding pictures back! We had a wonderful time and can't wait to see the professional shots. It's been about six weeks, so I'm hopeful they'll be done soon.

13) I'm looking forward to a tater tots & beer festival.  We didn't order tickets in time for the one last November, so I'll be quicker with purchasing the tickets.

14) I'm looking forward to continuing to spend time with friends. We'll be enjoying potlucks and game nights as we all focus less on going out for wild crazy nights and adjust to life as adults in our thirties (gasp).

15) I'm excited to be a sounding board for close friends that are getting married.  I'm still working on blog posts about my favorite parts.

16) I'm looking forward to our field trips.  We're taking the kiddos to the Springs Preserve for a guided field trip in early February.

17) I'm excited to watch B help coach girls soccer at my school with Mrs. S. He'll be assistant coach to the fourth and fifth grade girls this spring.

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

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