Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break Goals, Part Two

I previously blogged about my lofty spring break goals and now that it's Thursday, I think I should revisit them.

1) Finish rewatching Friends on Netflix. 

This goal is part way done!  We are on season 7!

2) Finish Parks and Rec.  I haven't been emotionally prepared to see the end of this glorious show go, so I've been avoiding it.

This is tonight's goal.  I have tissues ready.

3) Try a new restaurant for date night.  A few new places popped up near us so I'm excited to try them.  As an added bonus, most are breakfast food places. 

Um, not yet. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday with B's family?

4) Restain the bathroom cabinets.

HA! This didn't happen.  We spent hours at Home Depot and for the security door I'd like, it's just not in our budget right now.  Maybe summertime :)

5) Doctor's appointment. 

Woo hoo, I can check one off!

6) Finish going through my closet and actually take the pile of clothes and shoes to Goodwill instead of letting them accumulate in a bag in the garage.
Um...maybe tomorrow.

7) Finish the small tasks I've half-way started: ...yeah.  Not.  Grading is almost done! I've taken myself out to lunch a few times in an attempt to get that done.

8) Try a new recipe or two.  Maybe just one. Let's not get too ambitious here.

The ingredients are purchased and it's the plan for tomorrow!

9) Put away St. Patrick's day decor and decorate for spring.  Woo, two done!

10) Girls lunch date(s)?  Yes, I had lots of these :)

11) See new babies (?).  We were hoping to go see baby Sophia, but they're getting newborn pictures done Sat am.  Maybe next weekend.

12) Finish the books I'm reading.  One is for professional development and one is for pleasure.  I know which one will be read first!  

Yeah...didn't happen.

13) Cancel my gym membership....check! On a roll.

14)  Change my pedicure.  My Jamberry mint chevron wrap is holding strong at four weeks, but I think I want something pink...maybe tomorrow.

15) Make a new front door wreath.  I started one, then ran out of both burlap and wine.  This shall be completed tomorrow!

4/3 update: Finished! (For now)


16) Spend a whole day in pajamas!  Oh, this happened more than once!

17) Start crafting their end of year and testing treats :) 
I looked on pinterest? Does that count?

So, of the 17 ambitious goals I set for myself...I accomplished five and some parts.

And I in no way feel bad about it!  I did some grading, some shopping, got my hair cut, went dancing, and took a lot of naps.

How was your spring break?

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