Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break Goals

It's almost spring break (HALLELUJAH) and true to my type A personality, I'm making a list of what I'd like to accomplish.

We just bought a bunch of furniture and are getting ready to buy security doors, so traveling anywhere was out of the budget.  We just had two fabulous mini-vacations with family in Arizona, so that was our spring travel adventure.  B doesn't really have any vacation days and I'm content to have a staycation here.

Spring Break goals:

1) Finish rewatching Friends on Netflix.  This has been our nightly relaxing time.  We just (finally) finished HIMYM (yes, I know it ended almost two years ago but we were getting caught up).

2) Finish Parks and Rec.  I haven't been emotionally prepared to see the end of this glorious show go, so I've been avoiding it.

3) Try a new restaurant for date night.  A few new places popped up near us so I'm excited to try them.  As an added bonus, most are breakfast food places.

4) Restain the bathroom cabinets.  Last summer I restained all 37 (yes, 37) kitchen cabinet doors.  Using the same kit from Home Depot, I'm going to turn the oak bathroom cabinets into a soft gray, antique color.  There are 8 doors, so I expect this to be a 2 day project.  While we're there, we'll set up the measuring for security doors as well and hopefully get those installed too!

5) Doctor's appointment.  Since I hate taking sick days and making sub plans, I try to schedule all my doctor's appointments for school breaks.  It works out well.

6) Finish going through my closet and actually take the pile of clothes and shoes to Goodwill instead of letting them accumulate in a bag in the garage.

7) Finish the small tasks I've half-way started:  Shredding, filing, organizing receipts for next year's taxes, cleaning the guest bedroom, organizing all my craft stuff.  Oh, and grading.  Grading essays is quite time consuming, so I like to just do five or six a day.  That way they don't start to blend together and I can make sure I'm grading fairly.

8) Try a new recipe or two.  Maybe just one. Let's not get too ambitious here.

9) Put away St. Patrick's day decor and decorate for spring. 

10) Girls lunch date(s)?  

11) See new babies (?).  Five of my girlfriends are due within the next six weeks so if any of these new bundles of joy have arrived, I want to go see them and smother them with love!  

12) Finish the books I'm reading.  One is for professional development and one is for pleasure.  I know which one will be read first!  

13) Cancel my gym membership.  I need to find a new gym.  Now that my gym buddies have moved, it's harder to justify the 20 minute each way commute.  I'd rather start running in my neighborhood and doing yoga.  Plus I think a few of my coworkers belong to a small gym that's literally 5 minutes from work (meaning ten minutes from my house).  This seems like a much better option.

14)  Change my pedicure.  My Jamberry mint chevron wrap is holding strong at four weeks, but I think I want something pink.  (Applied March 7th)

15) Make a new front door wreath.  I made this one for a friend:

And I'd like one for myself!

16) Spend a whole day in pajamas!

17) Start crafting their end of year and testing treats :)

What are your spring break plans??

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