Friday, February 17, 2017

One book month late

In January, I gave myself the goal of one book a month.  

Then, {January happened}.  I cut myself some slack.  February has been equally busy with:

* Bingo Night at school
* Observations (and having classroom pictures shared out on Twitter)
* Hosting a Superbowl party (for which I was horribly sick)
* Battling the copier (and losing, so I wrote this warning)

* Hosting a nacho bar at work
* Hosting a wedding shower at work 
* Springs Preserve field trip
* Meeting with the middle school counselors
* Preparing for 2 more field trips this month (spoiled students!)
* Valentine's day party
(The before shot of what my students contributed:)

* preparing for standardized testing by preparing for a pep rally
* creating assessments
* learning & implementing 2 new computer programs
* Valentine's evening (#marriagemanaged)

* Girls Night (dinner & a movie at the fanciest theater I've ever been to! We had a waiter to bring us wine and dessert during the show.)

* Attending a bridal shower
* Home improvement projects (okay, that's all the hubby but I helped!)
* GATE training
* Mattress shopping (and the lunch date that was necessary)
* Writing {donorschoose} grants to snag some awesome books for my kiddos
* Using twitter to share my opinion to elected officials (and generally, it's that they aren't doing their jobs)

Oh, and the whole teaching thing.

Here's our map so far:

But nevertheless, I persisted and finished The Hammer of Thor (2 weeks late).  

The teacher guide, chronological order, and bundle (both products) should be available at my {TpT store} by Monday evening.

Up next?  The Angel Tree, which our school's librarian is also reading so we can talk about it.  

It's one of this year's Battle of the Books novels, so that's helpful as well.

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