Saturday, February 27, 2016

Crafting My Way Through My Wedding

In yet another wedding related post (sorry fellow teacher friends), I thought I'd share an update on my latest crafting adventure for my November wedding.

As I've shared before, I'm not a huge fan of the traditional guest book.  I wanted something we could look at often and enjoy.  So I found this on pinterest:

And snagged these at the craft store (yes, I couponed. Not ashamed!)

For months, they've sat in the guest bedroom in the pile of  wedding stuff.  I picked up paint colors, but was waiting for the inspiration to strike.

Yesterday I received rough feedback from a sub, so I came home dissatisfied with my job.  So I took the night off from teaching and enjoyed some wine:

(I'm not sure which lovely friend gifted me that wine glass...but thank you! It was perfect for the occasion!)

And decided that crafting was more important than grading, so I painted the S signs:

We have two because one will be the guest book and one we'll use in pictures.

I stained them today to make them more rustic/aged.  I felt the gold was too brass, so I wanted to tone it down.  The original brown shade I bought looked too shiny when I tested it, so I used some old cabinet stain from an old home make over project (read about that {here}).

I stained the first, doing more of a swirling, circular stain:

(Second still unstained)
While the second had more of a traditional wood grain look:

Now I don't know which I like more.  I asked the all mighty facebook world and the answers are split pretty evenly.  I'll seal them both tomorrow with a protective clear coat. The (craft) struggle is real. 

I think it will come down to holding them both up against the wall and seeing which looks better.  I think we can all agree that the staining technique makes it look better!

(On a side note, I saw someone selling stained ones on Etsy for $30 each! The total cost was maybe $10 and not very time consuming...perhaps that I need to hop aboard the Etsy train when my life calms down a bit...I mean all I really want in life is to drink wine, read books, and craft things...but I think that would get boring very quickly and I'd end up hating my passions.)

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