Monday, February 16, 2015

The Map Update

This week we are finishing up the West Region.  We've covered the intermountain states, California, and Washington so far.  We took a three day break to cover volcanoes, which was naturally super exciting for the munchkins.

We've been studying erosion, deposition, and weathering as well.  We're writing a guided expository essay, so it's nice that the subject areas are blending together.  

We had inclement weather last week due to rain, so we took advantage of the extra long morning to watch some Discovery Education videos on erosion and haboobs (giant dust storms that are typical in Arizona).

They loved it.  

It's so nice to see them get so excited about everything we're learning.

This week we're doing Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii.

I just wanted to thank everyone again who has sent in post cards.  My students love looking at them!

Our next region will be New England, to tie in with colonial history.

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